Call Tips

How to Make Winning Calls

Maximize your impact by learning these key tips for calling your elected officials.

Focus on one issue at a time.

When recording public comment, staff members often use online tools that require them to classify your comments in just one issue area. Have lots to say? Keep calling back!

Call for action.

Ask your official to take a specific action, like voting against a particular bill or taking a public stance on an issue. Not sure what to say? Don't worry: our suggested call scripts include specific demands for action.

Make it personal.

Share a sentence or two about how the topic of your call affects you, your family, or your community. Personal stories are memorable and persuasive.

State your address.

Staff members are often trained to ask for your home address to verify that you are a constituent of the official you are calling. Whether you're speaking to a staff member or leaving a message, be sure to state your home address slowly and clearly enough to be transcribed.

Don't call officials from other states.

Officials from other states don't represent you. Calling them doesn't work. Unless you have an address in the official's state or district, the staff member on the other end will put down the pen and stop recording your comments. If you leave a message, it will be deleted. Maximize your impact by calling your own elected officials!

Keep your message to about one minute.

Short messages are best. You have the greatest impact when you voice your opinion clearly and concisely, then hang up within about a minute so others can be heard.

Keep calling back!

No matter what your experience level is now, your calls will improve with practice! Call back often on new issues to let your officials know you're watching closely and will hold them accountable.