Call Tips

About CallToWin

CallToWin connects you with your elected officials on the issues that matter most. We'll put all of your officials' contact information in one place, provide suggested scripts to help you organize your thoughts, and help you track your impact over time.

Calling works.

Your elected officials in Congress work for you. When you call, they listen. When lots of people call together, they act. We'll make it easy for you to reach your representatives on the issues that matter most to you.

Friends keep us in the game.

Your friends' voices matter, too. We'll help you keep track of your friends' participation, so you can give them credit when they're on top of the latest issues and they can give you a nudge if you fall behind.

Goals keep us accountable.

Calling takes just a few minutes a week, but small actions are often the first to go when things get busy. By helping you keep track of your calls, we'll show you how your contribution adds up over time and encourage you to keep calling back.

Coordination makes us more effective.

We'll keep track of which offices' mailboxes are full and automatically point you to alternative phone numbers for your representatives. We'll also prioritize which calls we suggest to you, so you can be sure you're always having the greatest impact possible.